Who's Who & Our Story
Annie Wilson (on guitar)  
helps her husband John on
their ranch in Chase County
where they raised three
daughters. Annie is a former
teacher and Coordinator of
Flint Hills Map and
Education Program.  She
organizes the weekly
Chase Friday Night Music
jams in Cottonwood Falls.
Annie enjoys pasture walks
where she gets ideas for her
songs about the Flint Hills.
Tallgrass Express String Band began playing together in 2004. Founding members were
Annie Wilson, Derrick Doty, Charlie Laughridge, Loren Ratzloff, and Gary Rinehart.

Since then, the band has gained the talents of
Carl Reed as of fall 2009 bringing his amazing
vocal, instrumental, song-writing, and arrangement skills to the band.  What did we ever do
without Carl?
 Brent Entz joined us in 2018, contributing his wonderful skills on the 5-string
banjo.  Brent is well-known across the area for his top-notch banjo playing, and he is adding to
our repertoire and our style with beautiful adaptations of our songs as well as vocals.
one of our band's founders and early member, is rejoining Tallgrass Express after
leaving in 2006 to pursue many goals in life (wife, children, new places, etc.).  Derrick is a true
virtuoso on the fiddle and having his talents back again is a welcome addition to the band.
Annie Wilson continues to manage and perform in the band.

Jim Versch joined the band in 2013, playing with us until mid-2018 when he moved back to
home state of Nebraska.  His versatile instrumental style added immensely to all the band’s
tunes.  Jim's wide knowledge of acoustic music and his creative instinct for song arrangements
deeply enriched the Tallgrass Express sound. He also created much of our graphic design,
logos, etc.  In 2014
Kim Schmidt came on board and contributed his rich musical talents both
in fiddle-playing and vocals.  Kim retired from the band at the end of 2017 to tour with a fine
rodeo dance band.

Charlie Laughridge (fiddle, harmonica, mandolin, concertina and vocals), played
with us for ten years and is on all the band’s recordings including the recent double-CD "Sky &
Water, Wind & Grass." Tallgrass Express is indebted to Charlie for all his talents over the last
ten years.  Founder
Loren Ratzloff (banjo, mandolin and vocals) played with the band until
2012, contributing his versatile talents and entertaining wit.  Founder songwriter-author

Derrick Doty
of Council Grove was with us until 2006, and Gary Rinehart until 2005. We also
played early on with the late
Gary Hughes of Wichita who was a great influence.

We met primarily through the renowned
Friday night jam sessions at the  Emma Chase
in Cottonwood Falls, and related activities.  We are forever grateful to Monty & Sue
of the Emma for bringing so much music into our lives.   Their sponsorship of these
delightful, fun-packed evenings and other events such as special concerts, helps build
community and fellowship. We are thankful also to their best-in-the-world audiences who help
give experience and confidence to developing players.  We especially thank Sue & Monty for
sponsoring debut concerts of our CDs.  

In 2015, Annie became Coordinator of the
Emma Chase Friday Night Music in Cottonwood
Falls, where musicians and listeners gather weekly for old-time music fun.

We recorded our first CD
Music of the Emma Chase in 2005 with the encouragement and
support of
Julia Ryan and Kerry Ahlstrom of Council Grove, as well as Monty and Sue Smith.

On our 2007 CD
Tallgrass Express Comes Back, we were so fortunate to have the
immense talent of
Carole Brown on bass, and again the amazing graphic design skill of Julia
Ryan.  Our own Charlie did the original watercolor painting of us in the stagecoach on the
cover.  Both of these first CDs included some original songs by members Derrick Doty, Annie
Wilson, and Charlie Laughridge.  

Our  2010
Clean Curve of Hill Against Sky, was our first entirely original album, and the first
we know of to be focused on entirely on themes of the Kansas Flint Hills, and was the
beginning (
Volume 1) of our series:  Songs of the Kansas Flint Hills.  Its package and 20-
page full-color books were once again designed by the phenomenal
 Julia Ryan.  The lovely
Flint Hills landscape on the cover and inside were painted by Annie's daughter, artist-teacher-
musician Emily Wilson who plays in the wonderful band
The Skirts.

Annie's receiving the
Flint Hills Balladeer designation from the State of Kansas through Dept
of Wildlife and Parks in 2013 encouraged her to continue the special focus on music from the
Kansas Flint Hills, resulting in the project,
Sky & Water, Wind & Grass:  Volumes 2 & 3
Songs of the Kansas Flint Hills
- again all original (by both Annie & Carl) and relating to the
Kansas Flint Hills region.  

Our band
photographers have been Julia Wilson, Emily Wilson, Brendy Muninger, Bruce
Hogel, and Katie Hancock.
Our Story & Our Thanks
Carl Reed (on bass, guitar,
and harmonica) lives in
Manhattan where he
worked with the
international programs of
the K-State Grain Science
Department for nearly thirty
years. He comes from a
musical family and bought
his first guitar when he was
serving in the Peace Corps.
His songs have been
recorded by the bluegrass
groups Special Consensus
and Continental Divide.
Tallgrass Express
Tallgrass Express Alumni
At left
(L to R):
Carole Brown
Above (L to R):  
Charlie Laughridge,  
Loren Ratzloff,
(early) Derrick Doty
At right
(L to R):
Jim Versch,
Kim Schmidt
Brent Entz (on banjo) is a
super-talented and
dedicated musician.  Brent
lives in rural Walton and
works for the City of
Newton.  In the past, Brent
cowboyed on large ranches
out west and has first-hand
knowledge of many of the
themes of our Western
songs.  He has played
previously with the Dry
Creek Boys.  He and wife
Marcy are busy with children
and family activities.
Derrick Doty (on fiddle), a
founding band member, returns
to us with his knowledge &
appreciation of traditional music
& local history.  He enjoys
sharing with others the tradition
of music & dance by fiddling or
calling at area barn dances. In
NY State, he played with O’
Shanigans and Finnish band
Metku. Derrick is a barber by
trade, and along with wife,
Kelsie, helps care for their two
young boys in Manhattan.